Messages of Love/poetry

The Light of The World 1/23/15

I am The Light of The World, I am shining now in you

Beloved there’s no need to fear, nor worry what to do

I am here at your request to guide you through this day

I hold your hand and lead you on as you you stop to pray

To listen to that still small voice, that beckons you to come

To walk in faith with trust in Me, in Heaven where I’m from

That peaceful place inside of you, when you let go of fear

And turn instead to Me and know, that still, small voice you’ll hear

Fear not beloved, peace be still and know with all your heart

Your God, your Savior loves you so and gives a brand new start

Today, this day, I call to you, I am right here, right now

So do not worry, do not fear, I will show you how

To live today with joy and hope, to walk with love and peace

This day, brand new, to start again, in forgiveness and release.


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