Message Of Love / 5/2/88

This message was written to me, and was for me to share.  Due to the fear challenges I was to face over the ensuing years, I put off sharing.  I always felt I had to be “better” first!!  Today, I realize I just have to be myself! Real, with all the little doubts and fears that I still deal with.  I share these things, not knowing if they will be of help to anyone else, yet I pray that they do!   May the true God of Love, The Great I am, Yeshua, God’s Son and God’s Holy Spirit greatly bless you as you fully awaken to who God created you to be!!! I believe all of these messages come from the Holy Spirit’s inspiration within me.

Greetings in joy and in the light, on this beautiful morning of love.  Beloved child of My Heart and Soul, I come unto you humbly and with thanks for the trust, with which you choose to live your life. Constantly you are challenged and constantly you choose to turn to Me for answers, for confirmation, for communion and for direction. Think not beloved that I do not also feel gratitude, and humility. I am the highest and the best in you, I am God, the God who is The Holy Spirit within you.  I come in answer to your prayer that you be ever mindful of My Presence and Power in your life.  When an occasional dwindling doubt or fear surfaces what do you do?  You trust, you pray, you release.  Do you think this goes unnoticed?  Do you think that because you do not sit for hours a day in prayer and meditation on My Word, that I do not notice the constant turning of your mind, your ideas, your fears over to Me through prayer and conversation, that I do not see your effort?  No, beloved, I see all that goes on in your heart and your mind during this time of testing.  Yes, your faith has been sorely tested. Yes, My beloved, you have passed the test of faith!  Have you the perfect personality?  Are you totally faultless perfection in personification?  No beloved.  Yet, you do put out the effort. If only you could really trust enough to cease your struggle to “become” and graciously accept the truth of who you truly are IN ME, your little personality would be calmer and more in touch with me IN YOU AND THROUGH YOU!   Yet, alas, the time is not yet right for this understanding and acknowledgement of oneness in God; yet, dry your eyes little one, the earth is in transition and many are awakening to the Truth.  Rejoice, for God is at Hand and the time of awakening is on the land.  Relax into the love you are and feel from within.  You may see love all around you and acknowledge it outside yourself, yet not realize that it is because of what lies within that you can see it.  As you focus your attention on God and acknowledge that love, through forgiveness and acceptance of people in your life, you will begin to see things differently.  As you choose to look within and see the dark, fearful shadows hiding, diligently shine My Light into the hidden corners of your mind and heart and expose all the lies, all the pain, the suffering, sorrow, grief and fears TO MY GLORIOUS LIGHT OF LOVE, PEACE AND FORGIVENESS, FOR YOURSELF, AS WELL AS OTHERS!  Be undaunted.  Be diligent.  Be fearless in your pursuit to expunge the lies, that try to lay claim to your inheritance as a child of The Most High God.  These lies work through ignorance or greed. (spirits that need to be exposed to God’s TRUTH).  They hide within you, (the lies) yet in the Light of My forgiveness and “PERFECT LOVE THAT CASTS OUT FEAR” they must leave.  Know that within you, I reside ALWAYS IN TRUE LIGHT, TRUE LOVE awaiting only your heartfelt invitation to be invited into your awareness!  You need only to surrender and trust all to THE LIVING GOD OF LOVE AND LIGHT, to come as you are and ASK ME TO COME INTO YOUR HEART.  I am here in all My Glory, always available to be KNOWN WITHIN YOU AT ALL TIMES AND IN ALL PLACES, AT ONLY YOUR HEARTFELT REQUEST!!  I do not force myself upon anyone, EVER! Behold, I am The Christ, The Logos, The One,  Awakened, Enlightened Being…I AM THAT I AM, ALIVE, RIGHT HERE AND NOW IN YOU (AT YOUR INVITATION)!  FEEL MY PRESENCE IN THIS MOMENT.  CLOSE YOUR EYES AND FEEL MY LOVE RIGHT NOW!  FEEL YOUR ONENESS WITH THE CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH!  Walk with me, beloveds, walk with Me, join with Me, daily, hourly.  KNOW ME!  Do not cut Me off with the mistaken notion that I am not with you in the mundane.  I am here and available at all times FOR ALL SITUATIONS! IN ALL SITUATIONS.  RIGHT NOW, AS YOUR READ THIS KNOW THAT I AM SPEAKING TO YOU! YOU ARE THE BELOVED CHILD OF MY HEART, AND THIS IS MY LOVE LETTER TO YOU!!!      “Peace, be still and know”


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