The Gift/Messages Of Love

The Gift 10/20/14
Barbara Sonin-Robbins

Take every thought captive, you have heard My call,
My still voice within, saying, “come one and all
Bring everything to Me no need to resist
I have heard the call, I’m the one you have missed
The call of your soul in sadness and fear
The heartache, rejection, I have been right here
I sent you My Spirit, to comfort and lift
You out from the darkness, My peace is your gift
As healing takes over all guilt and all pain
I’m back on My Throne and My heavenly reign
In your mind and your heart in each trial that you face
I am pruning the past as I finally grace
All that seemed to be only to hurt and to shame
Such a lie has been told and has blasphemed My name
Yet, the truth of My love does remain at all times
It is shared in your poems and is seen in your rhymes
I am God, there’s no other and no lie can replace
Love I’ve planted in you and no one can erase
And when time is no more and at last, I return
I will shower down love that no one can earn
It’s My gift freely given to all who would accept
Just say yes to My offer, even feeling inept
For, in truth I have waited, I have knocked on that door
In your heart I have called you, peace, be still I have more
Gifts of peace, love and joy, to bestow upon you
Just say yes and My love and My strength make you new
A new heart, a new mind, always ready to heal
Can you trust in your heart, let My love prove I’m real?”


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