You’re Mine 4/20/16
Barbara Sonin-Robbins

Beloved Father to You I pray
I offer You this very day
To use me Lord, purify my heart
So I might have a brand-new start
A vessel pure and cleansed and true
To point to Your love, shining through
Each hour each day through all I see
In every circumstance to be
An ambassador or of Your great grace
To see You in each person’s face
To take a stand for a holy life
To release fear, anger and strife
And keep my focus on the race
That ’s set before me to keep a pace
Of quiet, calm within my soul
Reminding me, in Christ, I’m whole
No matter what the outcome is
There’s peace in knowing I am His
I hear that still small voice declare
“Beloved I am always there
I’ll never leave, I will never go
Trust now, in Me and you will know
My Perfect Love that casts out fear
Give all to Me and you will hear
Within your heart, I call and say,
Child, peace be still and know today
My love for you will never die
So just let go, no need to try
To win My love for child, you see,
You’re mine forever eternally.”


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