Messages of Love

Well, I have finally done it! Celebrating my miracle son, Adam’s, 43 birthday today, I have begun this blog!! God willing I will be able to share the encouragement that I have received from The Holy Spirit since that very first day He spoke to me in the chapel in 1974, when Adam was diagnosed with Lymphoma, advanced stages and I was told he would never live past 4 WITHOUT A MIRACLE!! Well, here it is 41 years later and I am here to say…GOD WAS STILL IN THE MIRACLE BUSINESS, THEN AND NOW!!!! The Holy Spirit spoke to me as I cried out to GOD and I heard Him speak for the very 1st time!!! Not in an audible voice, but a very clear “still small voice” that said Adam COULD LIVE!! That he did not have to die!! I was absolutely terrified and convinced he would die from November that we first went to the hospital in New Jersey with him.  We were celebrating Thanksgiving that first time when we got the call from my Mom who was babysitting.  Adam was running a fever of 104, he was doubled over in pain, screaming how bad it hurt!  That was the beginning of what I will always remember as the months of hell.

He spent that night in the local hospital, we sat in  wooden chairs, beside his bed as the doctors took blood samples and hooked him up to IV fluids.  He awoke the next morning like the happy little boy he always was!! We took him back home to Queens, believing what the doctors said, just a slightly elevated sed rate in his blood, no big deal, just a slight infection somewhere, NO NEED TO WORRY!  But I knew better, my mother’s intuition told me this was a big deal, a very big deal, so big, in fact that my baby was dying.  I couldn’t talk to anyone about this, of course, because no one but me could feel the dread!  I knew, that I knew, that I knew, this was just the beginning of what was to become the nightmare of nightmares!  Yet, as I shared at the beginning…THE FINAL OUTCOME WAS A MIRACLE STRAIGHT FROM GOD!!!!

I will continue the story tomorrow.  God Bless and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADAM, if you are reading this.  As I said before you are my greatest blessing from God!