Messages of Love, Adam’s story

After that initial diagnosis, Adam spent the next 6 months in the pediatric oncology unit at Long Island Hillside Medical Center, or LIJ as it is more often called.  We were very blessed to have had the unit directed under the care of pediatric hematology and oncology expert Dr. Phillip Lanskowski (I think I remember the proper spelling) from South Africa. He was a kind and compassionate Dr. and he was the only one to find the mass in Adam’s abdomen.  He ordered a double series of radiation, both cranial and abdominal, and a course of chemotherapy IV drugs.  He also informed my husband and I that there were cells indicating Adam had a degenerative bone marrow disease that I can’t spell, but sounds like Gowshays.  What the doctor said was “if Adam should live, he would spend his life in a wheelchair by the age of 10.”  Adam went into what they called remission two months later in February of 1975. I, however knew that he was cured by a miracle of God and the great care from a wonderful group of doctors, nurses and technicians. Adam did develop pneumonia three or four times due to his lowered immune system from the drugs.

The amazing part of this entire miracle was the way God guided me through this time. Adam was an an adorable, happy baby and, as most toddlers trusted me totally.  He didn’t want to be in the hospital at first, but I convinced him we would have fun too.  I moved in!  I told him we had a small apartment home and there were no other children, but at LIJ we had a huge playroom, stocked with plenty of toys, a nurse, play, director and other children to play with!  Adam had a wonderful imagination and we use that to help him get through the horrible parts of the needles, the scary big machines and the bone marrow tests.   Adam used that incredible imagination that only a 2 1/2 year old has , as he would sit during the chemo treatment, which was red, in color  he would lick his lips and say, “YUM, I CAN TASTE CHERRIES!!!”.  We meditated together, Adam created an imaginary cloud, he named Clyde the cloud and he would hop on Clyde and travel the world and distant galaxies on Clyde.  He had a terrible reaction to the painkillers, they terrified him and caused great anxiety, so he only got local anesthesia when having big tests.  One time when he was in the middle of a bone marrow traveling on Clyde, he cried out “Mommy, I feel God’s Hands on me!!”  Both the technician and I started to cry, but NOT ADAM!!! God had him and we BOTH NEW IT FOR SURE!!!  After about 5 mos. of living in the hospital Adam saw the other children dying one by one, his best friend was a little 6 year old girl, Melanie Lugo, Melanie had Leukemia.  When Melanie died he looked at me and asked me if he was going to die to.  I remember holding him and telling him “absolutely not!” He asked me how I knew; I told him the truth, “God told me!” Thank God he was only three years old because he never doubted me.  After all, I was Mommy, and at the age of three, Mommy is always right.